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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hot Caesar Twins Video, Have You Seen a Dickwad Before, Bratboy Ethan Should Do Porn

Hey friends, every time I try to get this damn thing started again, I keep getting pulled out by something else. I appreciate all of you that are standing by for this to become a fun and adult regularly posted to blog and info site. I posted on the g rated gay guru blog last night, a hot You Tube video by one of my favorite porn blogging sites, Starrfucker. I have talked about Jeremy before and my huge jealousy of him and his awesome job with the boys at Randy Blue. Well take a look at this hot video of twin boys from Poland in this, I believe, german dubbed video. IF ANYONE CAN TRANSLATE THE TALK SHOW PORTION AT THE END, LET ME KNOW. These guys are hot and muscular and are like watching Cirque De Soleil.

Also, since it is Halloweenie this tuesday, I came across this hilarious photo over at Queerty blog. In case you havent seen it yet, he is dressed up as a "dickwad"!! How perfectly hilarious is this? I would love to see this guy try to get into the White House Trick or Treat night festivities, LMAO.

Ethan Reynolds, of the website and daily blog, "Bratboy School", now has gay porn star Benjamin Bradley as his new roomate and seems to be, upcoming business partner. He also went down to Los Angeles this weekend to "go-go" dance with Benjamin. Maybe we are witnessing the start of his porn career. I would really like to see him go into this, he definitely has the body and looks for it. He also already has the built in blog readership for it. To illustrate my point, Ethan has added auctions to his site to promote himself and his "goals for his website." I hope he uses the results of those auctions as clues to the money he can make as an adult film star and what his readership is really all about. Ethan has always used his hot, defined body as the selling point of his website. You cannot usually scroll to the bottom of his "bulletin" page without seeing at least one shot of him in Speedo's. He was able to make some great "travelling money" for his road trip to California this weekend with just 3 items up for auction. In true porn sleaze fashion, the top bidded on item was Ethan's "used lol" Unico briefs, with 64 bidders and an impressive $190 dollar price tag. Second most highly coveted, and bringing in the most bank, was a dinner with him and porn star Bradley, raking in $320 dollars for a chance to dine with two hot men. Unfortunately, the third item had to hurt a bit. A one hour "interview" with Ethan, received the smallest number of bidders, and a paltry $31 dollars, unfortunately showing him he is definitely not in Ben Bradley's league yet. I wish Ethan and Bratboy School success as it tries to enter the world of gay porn, and if he has not contemplated it yet, he sure should!!!

That's all for now friends, will put a video on this when I get home, but am at Mama Guru's home right now, and already feel dirty talking porn and such in her home, LOL. Come back later for a new video...........GGAD

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