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Monday, October 02, 2006

A New Post, A New Beginning!! Be A Calendar Boy, A Little Video

Hey Blogger Friends......October is here, and it's time I got off my butt and got this blog off the ground for good!! I appreciate all of you that have been stopping by for the past month, wondering when and if you were going to get some more content, well YOU ARE!! With a lot of my projects I have been working on coming to a close, I now should have the time to be able to update both this blog, and of course, my mainstream blog for the gay community, our friends and our families at The Gay Guru Daily Blog.I have been getting some content for this site, and have been thinking of some of the stories I want to share with you all. I am also hoping for this to be a pretty interactive blog with all of you, so feel free to submit content in the form of pictures and videos, by sending to the email address in the top right hand column, or please leave me comments and emails to my posts.

First I want to tell you about the Randy Blue trailer videos that will be going up here on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you havent checked out the boys of Blue, you dont know what you are missing. Randy always seems to find the hottest guys and film them solo or with the others for some pure damn HOT video excitement. I have a few trailers I have been saving that I will be getting out of the way the rest of this week, and then will be uploading the new content direct from Randy Blue, every Wednesday and Saturday. If you can only pick one hot porn site to subscribe to, I recommend this one!! And if you love Randy, you will absolutely love Jeremy, over at Starrfucker!! Jeremy does most of the filming for Randy Blue, along with doing hot updates in the overall world of gay porn on his fantastic blog. Jeremy also does a 'behind the scenes blog for Randy Blue called, "Blue is Beautiful," that you should check out as well. WOW, I must be a pretty well adjusted Guru to give you such great recommendations that I point you away from my own site to other even greater sites. The reason is, that I am still trying to be a Gay Guru and not focus on myself, but more on the gay community as a whole. That's what I do with my regular blog, and that's my intent for this blog as well, just with more adult, gays only, content. I will always tell you about great sites that I have found, or visit, or who talk to me, and hope you will keep coming back for more here, where you have a gay friend to hang out with "After Dark."

For Some Reason The Video is Not Posting, Follow This Link HERE for a hot 4 way video preview!!

I am also interested in doing a Gay Guru After Dark Calendar. If you think you have what it takes to be a Gay Guru Calendar Boy, for either "After Dark" or the "Main" site, send me your picture. I am going to have the first proceeds of the calendar going to the Elizabeth Glasier Pedriatic AIDS Foundation and the AIDS Resource Center of Ohio. It may be too late in the year to start a 2007 calendar project, but I am hoping with your hard work, we can get it done. Go to the Gay Guru Website, anytime after October 7th, and submit your picture to be included in the calendar. The top 18 entries will be posted on this website for voting on October 31st. After one week of voting, the winners will be notified and the calendars will be printed and available for sale starting on November 15th. This is a volunteer effort, will proceeds going to the AIDS Foundation, there will be no pay for your pictures, and you will have to sign a release. I am trying to arrange sponsorship prizes for the winners, and any prizes will be announced as the contest goes forth. Pictures can be anywhere from G, PG, R or XXX rated for consideration, and you can enter more than one picture. The entry page will have a release to sign off on when you submit your picture. Remember, these calendars will be sold on this website, throughout the world. If you secretly fantasize about other boys ogling your hot body, send in your picture now!! If you just want to show off your good looks fully clothed, you can submit those too, and they will be part of the main Gay Guru calendar. Two calendars will be printed, the G - PG13 calendar and the XXX Calendar. You can submit to one or both types of calendars, just again remember these will be up for sale to raise money for AIDS research.

Thanx for being a part of the resurging Gay Guru After Dark blog, I hope you will all become regular readers and subscribe to the RSS feed on the bottom right column. For now, enjoy this hot lil video I found on Pornotube. Watch and enjoy. Will be talking to you soon........GGAD

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