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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hot Caesar Twins Video, Have You Seen a Dickwad Before, Bratboy Ethan Should Do Porn

Hey friends, every time I try to get this damn thing started again, I keep getting pulled out by something else. I appreciate all of you that are standing by for this to become a fun and adult regularly posted to blog and info site. I posted on the g rated gay guru blog last night, a hot You Tube video by one of my favorite porn blogging sites, Starrfucker. I have talked about Jeremy before and my huge jealousy of him and his awesome job with the boys at Randy Blue. Well take a look at this hot video of twin boys from Poland in this, I believe, german dubbed video. IF ANYONE CAN TRANSLATE THE TALK SHOW PORTION AT THE END, LET ME KNOW. These guys are hot and muscular and are like watching Cirque De Soleil.

Also, since it is Halloweenie this tuesday, I came across this hilarious photo over at Queerty blog. In case you havent seen it yet, he is dressed up as a "dickwad"!! How perfectly hilarious is this? I would love to see this guy try to get into the White House Trick or Treat night festivities, LMAO.

Ethan Reynolds, of the website and daily blog, "Bratboy School", now has gay porn star Benjamin Bradley as his new roomate and seems to be, upcoming business partner. He also went down to Los Angeles this weekend to "go-go" dance with Benjamin. Maybe we are witnessing the start of his porn career. I would really like to see him go into this, he definitely has the body and looks for it. He also already has the built in blog readership for it. To illustrate my point, Ethan has added auctions to his site to promote himself and his "goals for his website." I hope he uses the results of those auctions as clues to the money he can make as an adult film star and what his readership is really all about. Ethan has always used his hot, defined body as the selling point of his website. You cannot usually scroll to the bottom of his "bulletin" page without seeing at least one shot of him in Speedo's. He was able to make some great "travelling money" for his road trip to California this weekend with just 3 items up for auction. In true porn sleaze fashion, the top bidded on item was Ethan's "used lol" Unico briefs, with 64 bidders and an impressive $190 dollar price tag. Second most highly coveted, and bringing in the most bank, was a dinner with him and porn star Bradley, raking in $320 dollars for a chance to dine with two hot men. Unfortunately, the third item had to hurt a bit. A one hour "interview" with Ethan, received the smallest number of bidders, and a paltry $31 dollars, unfortunately showing him he is definitely not in Ben Bradley's league yet. I wish Ethan and Bratboy School success as it tries to enter the world of gay porn, and if he has not contemplated it yet, he sure should!!!

That's all for now friends, will put a video on this when I get home, but am at Mama Guru's home right now, and already feel dirty talking porn and such in her home, LOL. Come back later for a new video...........GGAD

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

I will update this soon, Check out Main blog till then...Thanx GG

Howdy Blogger Friends, it's Sunday, and I appreciate you sticking around while I go thru this apartment fiasco. Here is the latest.....I am scheduled to have my Internet on Wednesday of this week. However....on Friday, (two days ago and one week after the revelation that the landlord sold the buildings and moved this past Monday,) they came and turned the gas to all of the apartments off. After it almost being turned off the week before, the new management company STILL did not set the gas to be transferred into their name. Also as of Friday, none of us had yet heard from the new management company, nor been given contact information with them from our old landlord. On Friday, as they were turning off the gas, I learned that an across the street neighbor, (shifty in his own right,) somehow had the new management companies phone number and I was able to call them and see what the hell was going on. The person in charge of the management company came over about 20 minutes after the gas man left and that was our first meeting. I let him know how unhappy I, and the rest of the tenants were of this and no notification still on how to contact them or what is going on. He "seemed" nice enough, appologized for the gas and said he would have them come back out that afternoon and rehook it up. Of course, I had to leave for work then from 1-10pm. As I returned home Friday night from work, of course, the gas was never turned back on. Could it have been a mild inconvenience, yes, but what made it a major inconvenience was that Thur/Fri/Sat we have had a cold blast from Canada come thru here in NE Ohio, and it was down in the mid to low 30's these three nights. Let's hear it for electric heaters boys and girls!!! I worked Saturday all day 9-6 and again, came home to no gas and still not a note from the new management company as to when it would be turned on, or what we were supposed to do in the meantime. UGHHHHHHHH!!!! Because it is a gas water heater, I had barely enough "warm" water Saturday morning to wash my face and hair. It was exta deodorant and no shower before work on Saturday. Last night I couldnt handle no shower and came to my parents, Mama and Papa Guru's, to shower and sleep over, and that is where I am this Sunday morning as I type to you. One of the other tenants called me last night and said they were told gas is being turned back on Tuesday, that means two more days of showering here at the 'rents house. I am one of the lucky one's, a couple of the other tenants have no relatives close enough to crash with and are scrambling with friends, or just dealing with the cold and using electric heaters and no hot water or stove use. Most of us have banned together and are not paying any rent, or leaving the premises until we get a written lease. I will keep you posted blogger friends, and thanx for the encouragement.

I want to take a couple of seconds and give my thoughts on "The List", that is supposedly being buzzed about in Washington DC circles. The List is said to contain names of other gay Republican Congressmen, and is being characterized as the 'radical homosexual's agenda', to out others. I was informed about this story from a friend who directed me to the "National Review's" website to read the article. I am still forming an opinion about all of this, because frankly, I have not heard much about it except from this tip from a friend. The fact that the story is in the "Review", a staunch Republican politico press, gives the story some doubt already in my mind. The last line in the article is laughable that the stereotype of the Christian Right, hating homosexuals is just untrue. Broad maybe, but untrue?? Not so much. Replace the buzzword "hate" with any socially acceptable word for not feeling we are equal to them, and you are right on the money! I have always been against "outing" anyone, you can read my past posts on Lance Bass and his coming out ordeal. I will still defend that coming out is the best thing for a person, most of the time, again citing Lance Bass. What are YOUR thoughts about this supposed List? Have you heard about it? Is it our militant homo hamas type group behind this? My jury is still out, while I investigate more.

Three weeks until the mid-term elections, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote my blogger and reader friends!! I should have jumped on it earlier, but I would also stress that if it is possible for you to still do it, VOTE BY ABSENTEE BALLOT. Why, you ask? Because sending in your absentee ballot creates a paper trail that can be verified in the case of challenged elections. Have you heard about the new comedy that opened this weekend with Robin Williams, "Man of the Year"?? If you heard it looks like a funny movie about a Jon Stewart like comedian becoming President, it is, but you have only heard half of the story. The underlying message of the movie, (yes even comedies can have messages,) is to be wary of electronic voting. I encourage you to go see this movie. You will laugh out loud, and you will see the scary thing that it actually "could" happen. Replace the voting company in the movie's name with Diebold, and you have yourself an election blogger friends.

Be ready for me having LOTS to say when I finally get back to this full time when my Internet is hooked up Wednesday. Again, you are the best blogger friends and readers in the world, and thanx for sticking with me while I go thru this apartment fiasco and transition. Here is a little eye candy for you, found at just a plain ol' google search for "hot men". I will have another post Monday or Tuesday....Hope you had a great weekend and are going to have a great week......enjoy.....GG

Friday, October 06, 2006

No More Gay Ghetto, Anyone Need A Guru For a Roomate?? No Saturday Post, Eye Candy

Hello blogger friends. In true gay high drama style, the gay ghetto I have talked about in the past, where I live, is no more. I wake up this morning to my Internet not working, my television not working and a gas man at the front door. He's there to turn off the gas. WHAT??? It seems under cloak and darkness, in stealth to the utmost degree, my landlord and his lover have sold all the properties and are leaving the gay ghetto. When, you may ask? MONDAY!! Yup, that's right, in three days the moving van is coming to get all of their belongings. My head is spinning so fast right now boys and girls that I am getting dizzy typing. It seems that they have sold out to a management company out of New York, who bought the places and will be our new landlords. Of course they promise that all rents will stay the same and everything will be business as usual. UMMMMM...YEA, RIGHT!!

Have I told you all about the arrangements of the gay ghetto? Let's start by saying that none of us have any leases, nothing written down whatsoever, verbal agreements at best. Rent is fairly cheap and most include utilities. It is definitely a bargain for the size of the places, of course you do give up things like the area where we live, which is improving thank god, and that it takes forever to get anything repaired, and that is only when it goes out, there has never been preventative maintenance in the places. Also included, was the cable internet connection and the satellite tv. A nice thing to be included until you find out they will turn it off without any notice, as I have found out today. Now I have to scramble to get service at the earliest of the cable companies convenience, while trying for some sense of continuity in this blog and of course my life.

Now I want it to be known, that I have always loved my landlords, they are very fair, and nice to all of the tenants. I really do wish them well with all they want to do, and I understand their motivation and reason for selling, there are circumstances that dont need to be talked about on this blog. HOWEVER, the way they have handled this shows a complete lack of trust and respect. In the words of my landlord this morning, his partners exact words, if they dont like it, well fuck them. Yes, I have been fucked!! Look, I can find a place a new place to live no problem, and it is possible, (though truly doubtful,) that the new management company that bought the place will keep things relatively status quo and even make some improvements, but the bottom line is that the entire deal was done totally underhanded and handled in the worst way possible. You dont have the balls to tell someone that there will be no more internet service on such a such date, knowing full well that I run this blog and website and that it is important to me, instead you just let the service get turned off, and I have to ask what is going on?? Would it have been that hard to preserve the "secret" move, by saying, look we have decided that we are discontinuing the internet, so you should try to get service in your name by such and such a date, to avoid any problems with your site?? Shouldn't they have checked that the new management service was prepared to take the gas bills in their name, before having someone out who was ready to turn off the service? What if I wasnt home and they werent paying attention and just let him in, not realizing he was turning it off? I am not mad at them selling and moving on with their lives to bigger and better things, I am HUGELY disappointed that they took the low road to do it, and engaged in such high gay drama. I am even more disappointed by their total lack of friendship to me over the entire situation. They KNOW I keep to myself and would not spread gossip about what they are doing! They COULD have let me know that I needed to get new internet service and tv service BEFORE turning it off. They CHOSE not to.

Because of all of this blogger friends, I am at Mama Guru's house writing this blog and trying to figure out how I am going to handle everything that was in the works for this weekend with the new website update and the Calendar Contest starting up. I may not be able to post tomorrow due to my work schedule and not being able to get over to this computer. Damn I wish I had a laptop I could wirelessly connect to at Borders or Barnes and Noble. If any of you know anyone who is selling a laptop cheap, let me know here at the website. I will be able to check my email thru my phone the rest of today and tomorrow. Sunday, I was planning on my weekly trek to Mama and Papa Guru's for laundry and dinner and I will write then about what the status of everything is. Thanx for understanding blogger friends, and the website update will have to hold off until at least Sunday or Monday, along with the calendar contest. Wish me luck on everything. I also will get back to posting my coming out story...........GG

Oh, and I couldnt put this up without some eye candy, so here is some hot guys direct for hot blogger site Muscle in Progress. Enjoy these pics, and remember there may not be a post on Saturday or until late on Sunday.....Have a great weekend blogger friends.....keep me in your thoughts as I work out my new living situation. Anyone need a roomate anywhere in the country?? I am a very good and housebroken Guru that needs little care and

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Lost Post, My Sexual Awakening To Being Gay, A Little PornoTube

So it looks as though my last post did not post except for the pornotube video. That is pretty funny actually. And I am sure my writing was very profound and worthy of your reading, dammit!! Okay, well, I will try to remember what I said and give it another go here, with ANOTHER pornotube video, LOL.

The gist of my magically vanishing post, was that I am excited to be actually taking time and starting this blog again, with all intents and purposes to keep it going this time, not like my previous dismal start. Again, the reason I created this blog instead of writing these things on the Gay Guru Daily Main Blog, is the different tone and feel of things. The Daily blog is for our GLBT community, our families and friends, and deals mostly with the blah day to day of my life in general and my comments, observations, humor, information and advice for all of us to hopefully help us thru this thing called, 'gay life'. This blog, is for primarily gay men, to talk about our feelings and experiences, the sexual side, and the "after dark" side of our life outside of work and family.

Because I am restarting this blog over again, I figured I would start by talking about my own coming out experience, and why I think it is a good idea for us to be out in our daily lives where it is safe to be so. I will be posting about this a bit over the next few days and want to use it to lead up to National Coming Out Day, which is set for October 11th, less than a week away.

I didnt have my first gay sexual experience until I was 17 years old, but I probably knew I was gay around the 4th grade, and admitted to myself I was gay around the time I was 14. I admitted to others I was gay around 22, oh to be young and do it over again!! In 4th grade, I knew I was different. I was not sure what to call it or anything, but I had 5 other very good friends that I hung around with, and I was not like them. We were all very close, and good friends, but my guy friends were starting to notice and talk about our girl friends changing bodies and I could frankly care less. I was however, comparing my guy friends bodies out against each others and mine and noticed all the different levels of softness, skin tone, musculature, etc.

My next awakening, came in the summer before 8th grade. I was still close to most of my elementary school friends, we had shifted a bit when we started junior high in 7th grade, but Jimmy and I remained best friends of all. We were inseparable and spent most of our days hanging out together, discovering new things, and having sleep-overs at each others houses. But that summer was going to change everything. Jimmy and his mom and dad were moving right before school started because his dad got a new job promotion and transfer. We spent practically every minute together the last month and a half he was there. The last two days before he moved, Jimmy spent the night at my house so his mom and dad could do all the last minute boxing and packing of their house. The first night we slept on the floor, talking all night long about how we were going to stay in touch, until we finally fell asleep. The last night, we both agreed the floor was too hard and uncomfortable and decided to share my double bed. We said our goodbyes that night in bed, and fell asleep arm in arm. It wasnt sexual, but it was my second awakening to how I felt about another man, and it was oh so different than I felt about my girl friends. I was able to reconnect with Jimmy in our Junior year of high school. We had kinda lost contact, but after I got my license, I was able to drive to the area Jimmy was living in, it really wasnt that far, about an hour or so, but to an 11 year old it was forever. We hung out our junior and senior years when we could. Jimmy then became a born again christian, and that was okay with me, and interesting and it actually got me more interested in church. Being gay was still not in my radar yet, even though I knew I was, but I didnt know the extent of the bigotry back then and it wasnt as big a deal in the christian church back then that I noticed. I finally remember being there the weekend before Jimmy joined the Navy, and seeing him off with his mom and dad. Another emotional farewell, and we fell asleep on the floor together again the night before he left, close enough that we were barely touching, but not arm in arm, and I remembered it, and wanted it again. I have no idea where Jimmy is now, or what he is doing, but I do think of him often, and am a little misty thinking about him now. And that is where I am going to stop for today.............GGAD

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What Should This Blog Be About, My Coming Out and National Coming Out Day, A Hot Video

Monday, October 02, 2006

A New Post, A New Beginning!! Be A Calendar Boy, A Little Video

Hey Blogger Friends......October is here, and it's time I got off my butt and got this blog off the ground for good!! I appreciate all of you that have been stopping by for the past month, wondering when and if you were going to get some more content, well YOU ARE!! With a lot of my projects I have been working on coming to a close, I now should have the time to be able to update both this blog, and of course, my mainstream blog for the gay community, our friends and our families at The Gay Guru Daily Blog.I have been getting some content for this site, and have been thinking of some of the stories I want to share with you all. I am also hoping for this to be a pretty interactive blog with all of you, so feel free to submit content in the form of pictures and videos, by sending to the email address in the top right hand column, or please leave me comments and emails to my posts.

First I want to tell you about the Randy Blue trailer videos that will be going up here on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you havent checked out the boys of Blue, you dont know what you are missing. Randy always seems to find the hottest guys and film them solo or with the others for some pure damn HOT video excitement. I have a few trailers I have been saving that I will be getting out of the way the rest of this week, and then will be uploading the new content direct from Randy Blue, every Wednesday and Saturday. If you can only pick one hot porn site to subscribe to, I recommend this one!! And if you love Randy, you will absolutely love Jeremy, over at Starrfucker!! Jeremy does most of the filming for Randy Blue, along with doing hot updates in the overall world of gay porn on his fantastic blog. Jeremy also does a 'behind the scenes blog for Randy Blue called, "Blue is Beautiful," that you should check out as well. WOW, I must be a pretty well adjusted Guru to give you such great recommendations that I point you away from my own site to other even greater sites. The reason is, that I am still trying to be a Gay Guru and not focus on myself, but more on the gay community as a whole. That's what I do with my regular blog, and that's my intent for this blog as well, just with more adult, gays only, content. I will always tell you about great sites that I have found, or visit, or who talk to me, and hope you will keep coming back for more here, where you have a gay friend to hang out with "After Dark."

For Some Reason The Video is Not Posting, Follow This Link HERE for a hot 4 way video preview!!

I am also interested in doing a Gay Guru After Dark Calendar. If you think you have what it takes to be a Gay Guru Calendar Boy, for either "After Dark" or the "Main" site, send me your picture. I am going to have the first proceeds of the calendar going to the Elizabeth Glasier Pedriatic AIDS Foundation and the AIDS Resource Center of Ohio. It may be too late in the year to start a 2007 calendar project, but I am hoping with your hard work, we can get it done. Go to the Gay Guru Website, anytime after October 7th, and submit your picture to be included in the calendar. The top 18 entries will be posted on this website for voting on October 31st. After one week of voting, the winners will be notified and the calendars will be printed and available for sale starting on November 15th. This is a volunteer effort, will proceeds going to the AIDS Foundation, there will be no pay for your pictures, and you will have to sign a release. I am trying to arrange sponsorship prizes for the winners, and any prizes will be announced as the contest goes forth. Pictures can be anywhere from G, PG, R or XXX rated for consideration, and you can enter more than one picture. The entry page will have a release to sign off on when you submit your picture. Remember, these calendars will be sold on this website, throughout the world. If you secretly fantasize about other boys ogling your hot body, send in your picture now!! If you just want to show off your good looks fully clothed, you can submit those too, and they will be part of the main Gay Guru calendar. Two calendars will be printed, the G - PG13 calendar and the XXX Calendar. You can submit to one or both types of calendars, just again remember these will be up for sale to raise money for AIDS research.

Thanx for being a part of the resurging Gay Guru After Dark blog, I hope you will all become regular readers and subscribe to the RSS feed on the bottom right column. For now, enjoy this hot lil video I found on Pornotube. Watch and enjoy. Will be talking to you soon........GGAD

Monday, August 21, 2006

Two Posts in a Row, OMG!!......

Shhhhhhhh....I am actually blogging 2 days in a row. Don't let it get around, people might actually start expecting something...=). Like Eminem says, I am cleaning out my closet, and starting to get back on track. A little finishing of the Website this week for alter ego GG and all will be well with the world. Did you like the superhero's yesterday? What's your superhero fantasy, or recurring dream?

Just a quick hello, so you know I am starting to pay attention to this blog more and more each day, and I will need your help soon to get the word out for me that the Gay Guru After Dark, is here and coming slowly to life, much like the bar scene at the neighborhood gay bar before midnight, lol.

A little video fun to get you going tonight, keep the lights off, and enjoy your time..........After Dark..............GG